Ask The Concierge


Ask the Concierge

Whatever questions you want answered, your Executive Concierge can help.

Q: I’m supposed to attend a conference in Salt Lake City, and my wife would prefer we stay in a quaint inn sort of place instead of a big hotel. Do you have any ideas?

A: One of our favorites is the Armstrong Mansion, a Queen Anne style mansion. The entire building is filled with hand-carved wood and stained glass windows; it’s a very romantic location. There are thirteen theme rooms, all with private baths. There’s even a fireplace in the lobby area. Room rates start at around $139 per night. Would that work for you?

Q: My meeting in Pittsburgh just went extremely well. Can you give me the name of a florist that delivers in the metropolitan area so I can send them a thank you?

A: Klein’s Flower Shop, 1-412-882-3400, delivers locally to Castle Shannon, Mount Oliver, Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, Pleasant Hills, and West Mifflin, for $4.95 per local delivery. They offer fresh cut roses, elaborate flower arrangements, as well as plants and gifts, whichever you think would be most appropriate. And congratulations on your great meeting!

Q: I’m at the airport in Brisbane and it turns out I need a car to get where I’m going. What agency do you recommend?

A: Red Spot Car Rental is right there at the terminal, or you can call 1-61-7-3860-4272. They rent automobiles throughout Queensland. You’ll find a great selection of clean, well-maintained vehicles at very affordable rates (rates are slightly higher for drivers age 21 to 24), and car drop-off services can be arranged. Can I make a reservation for you?

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